The Pathless Journey

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Something to Ponder:
So I realize that all the things that really give my life meaning have very little to do with facts or debatable points. My music is connected to moments in time with friends and family, along with smells, Deja Vu and the mystery of love. The Movies and Art I love along with my passion for all things green as well as a star filled night sky. All these things and much much more have far more to do with intuition and Serendipity than Logic. So at this point in my life I have decided to no longer spend my time arguing about the facts and provable points of my wayward spirituality. Do you see I have come to admit to myself that the Spirit has far more to do with imagination and intuition then it ever did with doctrines and dogma. I choose no longer to confuse my natural and intuitive spiritual nature with the so called certainties of the religious mindset.

Bill langill jr.