Back in Time (Wrong Direction)

The world finds itself at a Tipping Point, while there is a move towards the future and all its potential.  There is a counter current that constantly exerts pressure to go Back in Time.  Many people it appears would prefer to life in any time except the time and age we actually live in.

As a Christian I run into other believers that are desperately trying to go Back in Time to the first century AD.  They read the book of Acts and come to the conclusion that those people where truly spiritual and at the zenith of faith.  If only we could escape this 21st century and return, as it where to a pure faith.  On top of this they also hold an epistemology that sees the end coming at any moment.

People long for the good old days which is always anytime before the fifties, you know where some people knew their place and women stayed home just as the bible teaches.  The problem with this world view is that you will never find God in the past, God has no interest in the past at all.  It’s not just Christians most Muslims are waiting for the Mahdi and a return to those good old days of the caliphate.  You know when a woman could be divorced by saying I divorce thee three times, and a real man had slaves. The Political class around the world finds itself in the same boat defending memories rather than building a future.

It is time for these world views to be transformed, God is only in the present looking forward to a Kingdom Coming.  When I counsel people the biggest problem I run into is a life defined by a past, that is only real because it is given place.  If only it is argued they could go Back in Time and have a do-over, which is another way of saying they will do nothing and go no-where.

It really is time to kick the dust of our feet and start to build a future and to accept no Back in Time substitute.  Anything that has Gods stamp and image on it has nothing to fear of the 21st century, everything else is Form without Spirit.  If what you believe is afraid of the present and waiting for the future to implode, it is not of God.  This world needs to wake up and put the Past where it belongs in the history books.  Then we can begin to create The Kingdom which is always coming, like I believe we were created to Do.


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