The Unspoken Language

Christians are speaking an Unspoken Language, theologies that only make sense to a very select group of people who have been taught “The Unspoken Language.”  There is no thought given to the obvious fact, fewer and fewer people understand this Unspoken Language.  It doesn’t matter to many Christians who speak this Unspoken Language, because they are in the Ark and just waiting for the flood.  Truth be told it is time for the true lovers of Christ and His Fathers Kingdom, to learn to speak God’s Language again.

To speak the simple Language of Love, Jesus came and spoke a new Language to a people hungry for the Language of God.  We have forgotten the Language that Jesus spoke was radically different from the Language of the people who where the keeper of the written words.   Yet they have re-interpreted those words so that they no longer spoke a Language which was understood, or powerful.

It is time to abandon all the middle men who have changed the original words for the Unspoken Language, the Un-God Language of Religion.  This is why people want to be spiritual and not religious, they want to speak a pure and understood Language, that will reveal God and not the doctrines of Men. 

Already in history we have the example of the breath of God becoming a manifested Word, and it is time our Language got closer to the breath of God. Time to be the Oracles of God, rather than speaking the Unspoken language of a church in decline and hiding in the Ark.


2 thoughts on “The Unspoken Language

  1. An ark, really? When I try to picture an ark as a realistic metaphor for the modern church, it looks something like this:

    Most of the lower decks consist of rowing benches, where all the people chained to their oars constantly squabble amongst themselves about who is the best rower. Rowing is a point of pride amongst these lower decks, and highly competitive. But if anyone ever questions aloud the need for the chains, they are taken out and shot. “He was not a good rower,” the remaining rowers agree sanctimoniously, right before they get back to their squabbling.

    Standing over them are the oarmasters. The oarmasters sympathize with one another about all the bickering, while quietly slipping poison into one another’s food. They are hoping that they will be chosen next time someone is promoted to the next level up.

    Up at the next level the commanders sit at their desks, writing out pages and pages of diagrams and lists and articles about how to make the ark go faster. Whenever a particular ark succeeds in going noticeably faster than the ones around it, its commander becomes a minor (or major) celebrity and everyone praises his methods. His papers become part of the Important Words.

    Up on the highest decks, in very public view, are the Admirals in their splendid clothes. “Look how prosperous God has made us!” they say. “His Hand pushes our ark surely and swiftly through the water! If God weren’t propelling our ark, it would stop moving! Praise God, who moves our ark!”

    Sound about right?

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