The Middle Path

I was asked the other day by a Hindu Friend from India what I think The Middle Path is.  He had noticed I had a good number of friends from India and that as a Christian I seemed to respect their spirituality.  To Him this appeared to be a Middle Path and He had some interest in how I might define it.

Now I understand that anything called The Middle Path will be misunderstood by those who practice The Only Way.  This however is not the point of The Middle Path, but rather The Middle Path is merely that which creates space for people to know and love and learn from each other.  So just off the top of my head and in the spur of the Moment I defined The Middle Path as follows.

The Middle Path perceives that any spiritual journey must be humble and willing to listen to God wherever the voice comes from.  It avoids being dogmatic or judging another persons spiritual journey and puts a premium on Knowing them.  The Middle Path serves to allow us to experience the love of God as it relates to all of humanity, without the confines of I am right and you are wrong.  It merely creates a space where anything can happen, including the work of the Spirit of God.


2 thoughts on “The Middle Path

  1. The middle way is always the safest position to be in. It describes the happy ground between extremes. Being dualistic in nature humans normally cannot dwell in the middle way. Instead the mind will be ‘all in’ one way or another. This is Dualism, and it really does explain all religious wars, the wars between eternalists (people of faith) and nihilists (when you die there is nothing). It explains why you and are probably right now scanning this very idea as a concept which will be filed away in relation to others already existent. It also explains why people of like minds form into equal and opposite groups in a way which gives weight to certain pre-decided upon absolutes.

    The middle way though is the counter to all extremes and in this way is a better chance of representing the balance of truth. Ultimately we want to get to a place beyond the logical dualistic mind and in this place you are said to be closer to Nirvana.

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