Will Buddha be in HEAVEN?

So this post was inspired by a Pastor from Colorado who posted the following question on my Facebook page ” Are you saying Buddha will be in heaven? Because according to (Romans 10:13)  only those who call on the name of the Lord will be saved. ”  Know I understand that to some people the quoting any verse from the bible settles the question, God said it and they believe it.

I have a few questions how ever and being the local heretic that I am, I have no fear in asking them.  I hope in doing this we can come to see the danger in taking any verse or verses literal in all time and space.

So the most obvious question is how could Buddha confess the name of a person who was born 600 years after Buddha died?

How could Buddha therefore be kept from Heaven based on a Name that did not exist at the time of his life?

  How could Buddha be held to any verse in the New Testament seeing it would not be written until 660 years after Buddha died?

Therefore How could Buddha be held to the Catholic or Protestant Confession of Faith based on those very scriptures?

Is Buddha in Heaven personally based on his life I truly believe according to the teaches of the Jesus he never knew it’s quite possible if not probable.


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