A Second Set of Books

The other day I was having a conversation with a Calvinist friend of mine on Facebook and it got me to thinking.  The conversation centered around the idea that people when talking about the Bible or any Book or Historical Person keep a Second Set of Books.  Now for this gentleman the second set of Books is Calvin’s Institutes along with a number of others I am sure.  Yet when he was talking he never mentioned the Second Set of Books from which his assumptions about the Bible arrive.

He assured me that because the ideas of Calvin where 100% what the Bible teaches there was in fact no reason to talk about his Second Set of Books.  I commented how this reminds me of when Mormon Missionaries come to your house in order to give you a FREE Bible.  When in fact it is their desire and calling to get you to embrace the teachings of a Second Set of Books altogether.

As I reflected on this tendency of people to keep a Second Set of Books and I realized we all do it.  Jesus when He is talking to people says “you have heard it said” or some peoples Second Set of Books says this about the Torah but my Second Set of Books says this.    It seems impossible not to have a Second Set of Books or a Personal Hermeneutic by which we Interpret the Word of God. I just wish we could all admit it and stop pretending ours is the same as the Original.


One thought on “A Second Set of Books

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