After World War II there was a Japanese lieutenant (Hiroo Onada) who stayed in the Jungle for 29 years, because he refused to believe the War was over. God’s Grace declares that the War between God and Man is over, a war encouraged for the most part by men. It’s time to live like the War is over and we are full children of the God of the cosmos. Bottom line it’s Grace through Faith or Grace by Faith, you are loved not because you believe, but you should believe because you are loved.

The War is OVER part 2

4 thoughts on “The War is OVER part 2

  1. We may ask, whether Berkouwer – with his great emphasis on our response of faith as well as the initiative of divine grace – leads us away from the sovereignty of God over the whole of reality to a sovereignty of God within the heart of the believer. It may be argued that Berkouwer proclaims the sovereignty of God no less emphatically than Barth. He does, however, offer interpret divine sovereignty differently from Barth.

  2. . Notice how verse 2 says that if we don’t hold firmly to the gospel, we’ve believed in vain. Clearly, such a person was saved at one time. This passage tells us as much. But equally clearly, it’s possible for that belief to become in vain, or worthless. In other words, Paul is talking about those who lose their salvation.

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