Myth is important when it comes to our understanding of God but we must be careful never to make myth a fact, for when we do it loses the element of Spiritual Truth. Theology can be a kind of myth when given to much credence as we reverse engineer the stories of the bible, turning myth into our facts. New words, myths and dreams are needed as we continue to explore an infinite God, who many times is best understood in Fabulous Myths and wonderful metaphors wherein truth is found.

God, Myth,Tolkien & Truth part 1

6 thoughts on “God, Myth,Tolkien & Truth part 1

  1. Most religions contain a body of traditional sacred stories that are believed to express profound truth. Some religious organizations and practitioners believe that some or all of their traditional stories are not only sacred and “true”, but also historically accurate and divinely revealed , and that calling such stories “myths” disrespects their special status. Other religious organizations and practitioners have no problem with categorizing their sacred stories as myths.

  2. All scriptures provide the correct description of God. Yet a religious man due to his deep faith in his scripture fails to see the truth that is contained in other scriptures. The knowledge of part truth is the cause of the myths about God which can be removed only by synthesizing the knowledge of all scriptures by using the eyes of the intuition of the human mind. If your mind accepts the reality, you need no other proof to know the truth. One who has seen the truth by his own eyes needs no more evidence from the world.

  3. We are taught so many myths. We rely on our cliches as truth. “No two snow flakes are alike.” Generations of teachers told you that. In the 21st century at least one self-proclaimed “snow flake scholar” is claiming it’s true, despite that only a few thousand flakes have been catalogued out of the yearly trillions that fall.

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