Does God Know Everything?


As long as I remember people have told me that God knows everything, every event that’s ever going to happen in your life along with every thought you’ll ever think.  This idea makes God the ultimate dispassionate voyeur knowing everything and for the most part just watching. 

What if this however is not the case at all and people just made this stuff up about God?    If ideas and thoughts don’t exist until they are actually conceived and therefore not a thing that can be known and that includes believe it or not by God?  What if any events based on those ideas and thoughts also can’t be known before they are conceived and then acted upon.

This for me doesn’t take away from God at all and in fact makes God far more involved in the moment, rather then some being outside of time.   Or worse yet already having seen the future, God has already “been there and done that” no-thing original.  Who comes up with this stuff about God anyway it all sounds so Omni like though doesn’t it? 

Think about it why isn’t it good enough that God knows your thoughts as you think them and not before.  If God is Omni-Present isn’t good enough to know you all your life and therefore be pretty darn sure which direction you will take?  I mean isn’t it enough for God to foreknow all God will do, without having to pre-know everyone else’s thoughts before they are actually conceived? 

How about a God who loves originality and has built originality into the creation, with all the creative potential in it.  Doesn’t the universe make far more sense this way not to mention our lives this way?  This makes prayer, worship as well as meditation far more honest and genuine.  God actually listening and paying attention what a concept, this is a God I can actually have a conversation with as well as a Love relationship.




  1. I would say I do read the bible quite often but I do not have to believe in the deterministic God of the Greeks. For me the God I worship and talk to has chosen this time and linear based creation He is after all the Alpha and Omega a clear reference to his relating in time to his creation. The idea that God is outside of time and therefore everything and I mean everything is pre-known and therefore the idea of freedom and relationship is a joke. I for one do not have to believe in that god at all and sense God knew everything we where both going to write you and I are merely a sophisticated robot, I am just taking the negative position for His Amusement much like the Greek God’s of old..

  2. Let me talk about Pray and rather then worry about being right let me say that Pray is at best a 50/50 thing for me. You see God as you see him gets the credit as He MUST for all the answers I receive and He must get the praise for the wisdom to say no 98% of the time. This is not a relationship or a creative partner ship it is merely a stage an I with the illusion that my life matters.

  3. Hi Pastor, I’m by no means a Calvinist, but I do think God has foreknowledge of our thoughts, but that He still gives the freedom to make choices. Knowing isn’t the same as manipulating us like chess pieces, and I don’t think it makes Him a dispassionate voyeur to let us make bad choices. Even as parents, we may sometimes let our kids do things that aren’t smart, so we let them fall on their faces, because that’s how they learn. If God exists outside space and time and created this space-time continuum for our benefit, then it’s not implausible that He sees the thing as a gestalt. Our minds couldn’t handle such a thing. We’re not built for it. But I believe He can see the big picture and also every little detail all at once. We experience these slices of time we call now. God sees all of the slices stacked one on another as His now. I find that a lot more comforting than the thought that I might surprise Him by something I do. Don’t we want our Daddy to know everything and have all the answers?

    We used to have a renter, an elderly disbled lady, who had the closest relationship with God I have ever seen in a person, a back and forth conversational relationship. She would often answer a person’s question before that person asked it, because God gave her the answer. It really freaked out my stepson at first, but it was the “proof” he needed that God was real, which led to his becoming a Christian. So either God knew what my stepson was going to ask or our renter was psychic, and I’m more inclined to think it was God’s doing.

  4. I like the story and thank you for sharing it, let me say I do believe God knows the thoughts and intents of our heart. I just happen to think God knows them as we are thinking them. Which also explains how this Godly woman could know intuitively know questions before the person actually asked them. Jesus also did this during his ministry on earth but he also did it in the moment. Now image that God has followed you all your life and you can see how God is deeply involved in his creation and those made in his image.

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