God is Love FIRST!


We are beginning to take a good look at some of the assumptions concerning God in the Tanach or OT as the usurpers call it.  It is very easy to see that God is Holy by which it is implied He just can’t stand the sin sinners do.  The problem with this starting point is that it in fact begins with us and is therefore hopeless which is exactly the point isn’t it?  The Point that they would love for you to fully embrace, the point that doesn’t start with God’s Love but God’s Holiness.  Because after that embrace comes all the bells and whistles, the sacrifices and pleadings to a Holy God who is also all powerful and can dam your soul to Hell’s fire.  Lets face it Love in this construct can only ever take a back seat to God’s Holiness and I think it’s an intentional rework of a failed system of thought.  Of course you can quote verses to me because this failed system of thought is well recorded by the prophets of old, and even spoken of by it’s greatest detractor Jesus Christ.   A God on the mountain of fire with earth quaking and the smell of fear in all the hearts of the people standing before sinless and demanding perfection  This is where as the helpless sinner and powerless being you are to cry out who shall save me from this Mighty and Holy God, who grits his teeth while at the same time loving you.  You know the you can never be because of Birth and life on this dirty planet of desire and humanness.  Are you confused yet well you should be indeed your expected to be by the powers that be, quick confess before the wrath of a Holy God falls on you and you get what you deserve sinner.

So now we come to John 3:16 and a profound statement of Christ, so misused by the prevaiers of Holy God thinking, that it has become another threat from the Holy God.  Understand this is where they have to go with this kind of thinking making it a judicial problem and you are “guilty as charged.”  After all I’ve heard them argue from this point of view that even one sin will assign you to the fires of eternal torment without end amen, sounds all OT Prophet does it not.  As a boy I was taught my life was a series of sins that were listed according to severity and I better show up once a week least I accumulate a number beyond which my salvation would be in doubt.  As a Born again-er I was told I was forgiven but I have to admit to the presupposition or God will to take it back, because He is Holy after all.   It is into this world Jesus enters to demonstrate and articulate a different view of The Father, one that starts with Love and this Love experienced before time, for I ask you what need of Holiness when there was no separation in the first place?   It is the fear men peddle that keeps most ignorant of the power of Love, but like the movie Matrix something just doesn’t add up.    So we begin to be drawn to conceive of a God who is Love before all else, we are assailed on all sides as was Jesus Christ.  The endless quoting of scriptures and the dire warning of a soon coming judgment but Jesus loves you if you will repent, see how subtle Love is taken from the the Father in a phrase that seems so beautiful!? 

So don’t lose heart this is the age where we feel the call of a Father who loves us, to once and for all begin to explore the depths of Love.   The hypocrisy of a holiness that starts with men has been fully explored in principle as well as deed and has been found wanting..  Let us as the writer Paul implores us to seek out what is the height, width and depth of the love of God in the depth of Christ, deep indeed does call to deep do you hear the call? 



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