“You don’t need permission” to know the idea of Hell as it is taught in a great many circles today flies in the face of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.  “You don’t need permission” to abandon the notions of men which diminish God’s love, one need only trust the heart of Love God gave you and all such contrary ideas to love vanish.  They Vanish as quickly as you embrace the experience that perfect Love casts out fear.

You “don’t need the permission” of Augustine, Calvin, Mary, Mohamed, Krishna, Chuck or Joesph Smith for that matter.   This Love is much bigger then the religious teachings of Pope, Imam, Guru or Prophet unless they set you free from the idea of “needing permission” to be who you already are.

“You don’t need permission” to stake all your being on a God of love and the ever expanding conscious understanding through exploration of the true power of relational love.  “You don’t need permission” to believe Love is the power of the Universe which is absolutely permission free and open to ALL.   

“You don’t need permission” from the Koran, Bible or any other Holy book to start this journey right now and truly walk with the God like an Rumi, Enoch, Christ or Buddha.  

Don’t you see it’s all about exploring relational love and  you “don’t need permission” only revelation that you are loved and a love in need of expression.   It is the Human attempt to explore love in relationship that is God’s true will and that journey alone reveals your Divinity, like Christ on the mount of transfiguration.  

The beauty is it’s absolutely free and the journey you were GOD designed take “you don’t need permission” forgiveness or enlightenment to go exploring, now fly.



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