11 thoughts on “I AM not a Believer

  1. So, now you have totally dismissed the Holy Bible as your spiritual authority, you are denouncing centuries of Christian martyrdom, study, and faith in the One true God. My heart hurts for you dear brother… I’ve noticed that you no longer respond to my replys…why? I’m so sorry that you have renounced your faith in Jesus Christ. What does “pastor” mean to you..

  2. I think it is clear that you do not know me at all because you think I have abandoned Jesus when all I have done is grow weary of the faith of religion and instead seek the love of God. Which you know quite clearly is demonstrated in Christ Jesus but not in him alone but in all who love what he loved and who he loved. Don’t be sorry that you never knew me it is a common problem in the church today that as long as we talk shop all is forgiven. The church and by this I mean the conservative view of Jesus and the narrow way of theological salvation-ism is no longer appealing to me, but God loves you as much as me and I don’t need your constructs of what life or Love or God is any longer. The bible by the way is a book full of inspiration and if you paid attention over the years you would have noticed I gain much inspiration from it but that is not your point and I understand that. By the bible you mean your particular interpretive version of it which you then make infallible and beyond question. It is to bad you just can’t let things be as I am quite content with the direction of my life and walk with God but then I understand your absolute need to be absolutely correct, been there done that.

  3. I’ve noticed that some of the biggrest disagreements between people, cultures, religions, etc., is a lack of understanding of words, of definitions. People say something, and someone else gets all bent out of shape because what they think they hear is not what the person is really saying. Words are, at best, a feeble attempt at expressing reality, and they don’t translate well across cultures. Heck, they don’t even translate well between brain and mouth. So if we focus too much on words, we humans will never understand each other. But everyone understands love. Maybe that’s why James said to be doers rather than hearers.

  4. just a quick clarification… I for one have no problem w/you, I have met w/you on many occassions over the years and am simply concerned re your personal theology. love in Christ,

  5. I Am not a believer anymore I Am loved and whole and only that which unites Humanity in Love interests me any longer.

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