Is John 14:6 a threat or reality?

John 14:6 a Threat or Reality?


Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. This one is simple if you just step outside of your box and ask a question?

1. How many People will stand before the Father after this life?

a. ALL


So there you have all will stand before God and as it is that all things came through Christ into existence so to shall all things go through Christ in order to return to the Father.

So it’s a statement of Reality for ALL not the narrow salvation Threat that it has been made out to be.


5 thoughts on “Is John 14:6 a threat or reality?

  1. You have taken this scripture out of context. Jesus was speaking to His disciples and saying to them you have seen the Father if you have seen me. You must receive Jesus as your Savior to become One with the Father, as He is One with the Father.
    This is not about appearing all appearing before our Heavenly Father for judgement.

  2. every knee will bow and all shall see the Father this special born again only interpretation is just a myth of your theology.
    just like John 3:16 is not a take it or leave it heavenly entrance code, it is a Heavenly Mandate to those who should have known their Divine calling all along.

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