2 thoughts on “Warning

  1. I remember an incident on a Christian forum several years ago. In a discussion about what Jesus’ commandments for us are, someone (a hyper-dispensationalist) responded:

    Love God,
    DOCTRINE, DOCTRINE, DOCTRINE! (emphasis theirs)
    Love others.

    I guess they were implying that one must have “correct” doctrine to love God (HOGWASH — emphasis mine), but to me it looked more like they were calling Jesus a liar, because it gave them, in their convoluted thinking, an excuse to violate the 2nd greatest commandment and behave most unbrotherly toward those with whom they disagreed.

    I have since given up on forums, because they seem to be nothing more than a bunch of spoiled children engaging in a virtual food fight. No love there. Pretty sad, since anyone going there in search of God would come away feeling like they’d been slimed.

  2. I would agree my friend my journey to freedom has followed a course were more more I see certain belief systems as contrary to the God Jesus taught me about.

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