Re-Imaging GOD


It’s been tried

many times before

the re-imaging of God

those re-images themselves

becoming Idols,

the reason is simple

the previous image

runs out of steam

even though many times

not adherents.

Christ is such an

attempt but interesting

enough from God’s side

rather then ours,

and it is only now

that this re-imaging

is getting serious

spiritual attention.

This re-imaging has a

premise the premise

being God is Love.

This re-imaging is happening at

a very fast pace

and much like

at the time Christ it is also

being resisted mightily by

the keepers of

the previous image.

This re-imaging of God

is long overdue

it the second coming of

Christ bearing the image

on the wing of his words

and the breath of

God’s Spirit

one more time

bearing the

the full potential

of the nature of


God who is Love.


One thought on “Re-Imaging GOD

  1. GOD, ABBA, Our Father who has showed us the same love, as a loving Father cares for a child, when your child does something wrong is he not corrected by his Father and does not the father still Love the Son, I love the image of a loving Father why would I want to re-image that

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