The Alchemist  (ELF's Book group

Ok so for those that know the story I was going to begin a series on the Book of Revelation @ my previous fellowship BC. Let me be honest here and say I’m just not feeling the whole ends times study pull anymore. So I would like to propose that we go through the book “THE ALCHEMIST” by Paulo Coelho.    We would do an open reading and then a discussion much like we did with the book “The Shack” or “Love Wins” what do you think?

The Alchemist (ELF’s Book group)

2 thoughts on “The Alchemist (ELF’s Book group)

  1. Yea, Revelations did kind of fall of the map before the ambush happened however, I’d like to finish it unless, majority says otherwise, no biggie. With work in all I never read or discussed either of those books. Think that was at BC men’s night group. I do enough multi-tasking at work so when I’m not at work, its one page at a time

    Best Regards, Mark

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