We don't need Devils and Demons?

We don’t need a devil, trust me we really don’t need a devil or demons in our lexicon or as a mental awareness in our daily life.  What purpose could a devil or a demon serve other then confuse the reality that God is One and there is no one else besides God, in all places at all times. So do we need a devil if we already have a ever present and loving God holding all things together? 

Is our God so helpless that we have to study about a devil and learn how to deal with him and his minions effectively?  Is our God so small we have to talk about a devil and pray against him as he roams around your life looking to take a little nibble?

You see whether there is a devil or not is immaterial, when you serve and follow the living God who is the great I AM. Now I would agree most religions has found the devil a very handy tool to frighten people into the (kingdom) as well as keep them there in fear, a kingdom by the way already have within themselves as Jesus taught.   Horror Movies have made a ton of money with devils and demons, as have many of the “devil is going to get you” or let’s “caste a demon out” preachers/teachers out there.

The truth is we don’t need a devil or demons and neither do our sensitive children, it is a waste of time to teach devil and demons as a reality in our day to day lives.  Truth be told the devil and demons are nothing more then the proverbial tree falling in the woods without a sound, until we break the silence with all your incessant devil & demon talk.

We don’t need a Devil or Demons?

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