Some would have you believe that inspiration occurs

in-spite of the Human element,

that we are mere pawns in this

exercise of co-creativity. 

It can be safely said that

inspiration can’t occur without the Human element

inspired to paint, sing, speak, build, discover,

sculpture or write to name a few.

So when people imply the writing of the scriptures

was all God’s work, and people well

they where nothing more then

a pencil or pen in the hands of God. 

Know that this is plainly a false notion

and a very uninspired one at that,

one formed with a very poor

view of Humanity in mind. 

The Bible and Indeed every Inspired writing

that was ever penned or chipped into stone or parchment,

was the work of inspired Human Beings. 

That’s the point Humans can be inspired to reach out

beyond our limitations and create something

that has the element of mystery and majesty

coursing through its veins,

while retaining the Human image as well. 

You see it’s a beautiful dance an amazing co-collaboration

of mystery and the unknown in concert with

Human Beings willing to risk the known for the unknown.  

So is the Bible Human yes, yes, yes and gloriously so,

when we embrace this idea that it is

the Human element upon which inspiration

finds it’s highest and noblest expression,

we will begin to have eyes to see and ears to hear.

This God confirms over and over by

the depths of  Humanities creativity to reach

beyond the stars.

Inspiration when taken literally while

dismissing Humanity lessens your chances,

of finding inspirations magical truth.

  that truth being when we separate

inspiration from Humanity,

it ceases to be inspiration at all

and loses

it’s purpose. 


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