The Original Gospel & Hell part 3


So the other day a Pastor text me privately “that happens frequently” and said that He believed the subject of Hell was not included in any Gospel presentations by the Apostles including Paul, but his question was were does everybody go who reject Jesus as Savior?  Do you see that he agrees that hell can’t be found in actual gospel presentations and yet he can’t help but assume it’s true.  All those years of indoctrination have had their effect upon his subconscious and despite what he reads, the questions based upon a false doctrinal construct remain. 

So what is the answer to this struggle (time) and people who love the message of Christ fighting through the pain of leaving a previously held fixed dogmatic position.  This my friends is where it gets hairy as they say, trust me you won’t be in Kansas any more.   Your not alone but man it will feel that way, a simple study of the biblical narrative shows it gets hairy for all God lovers remember Stephen, from our last blog post,    In all your study of faithful women and men of God did you ever think you would be persecuted for resisting Hell’s encroachmentt on the Original Gospel?  Trust me they will say many cruel things about you when you do, and do all in their power to keep hell in the Gospel narrative.  

So where do we go from here Christ lovers?  If you are asking me we have to build from those scriptures that transcend culture and religious prejudice, as well as our own dogma.   Because much of the debate in the New testament is an argument about who speaks for God, this is also seen clearly in the book of Acts.  Jesus corrects a failed system that like a collapsing star has fallen in on its self with great heat and pull. 

So we must come to a place that says upon the death of all human beings they start equal as they did at their birth.  So you would ask what is the benefit of being a Christian do you realize who you sound like when you say that.  You merely keep the vineyard and yet you have usurped the Eternal Son and the vineyard owner without even noticing it.  I know this will not be received by all and some of you are gritting your teeth and reaching for stones of verse to kill me with.  I don’t speak to but rather to those growing weary of a gospel paradigm that is falling apart everywhere we look, have you looked at the numbers my friends or are you just glad you got yours?

So back to premise we began to explore all Human Beings upon death are equal before God, 1 Corinthians 15:22 (KJV) For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

The Death and Burial of Jesus are the Human side of the equation it’s all they could offer one more scape goat for their failed narrative, but the resurrection  is a God only affair and here is where we see the true power of the Pauline Gospel which we shall look into further in our next Blog Post (The Mars Hills Gospel) 


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