Wisdom from a Yogi:

In Los Angeles, Yogananda once went to a revival meeting. A women was leading it. During her haruenge she shouted: “God has no use for sinners! In his eyes they are an abomination.”

Voices were raised everywhere in fervent response: “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Right on, Sister!”

“Unless you accept Jesus Christ, and live for his glory, you will end up in hell!”.
Again the responses with few variations.

The women continued: “Man is naturally sinful. He can be redeemed only by faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ!.”
Once more the congregation intoned heartfelt replies.
“You are all sinners! Get down on your knees!”

In all that crowd, only Yogananda remained standing. Later, he commented, “I wouldn’t accept her statement that I was a sinner! Nobody should ever say that. To call yourself a sinner is the greatest of all sins before God! Don’t identify yourself with your mistakes. When you know God, you will become aware of His Presence everywhere. And than you will never judge anyone.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

You are not a Sinner I

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