Unicorns and Presuppositionalists

Some good thoughts here.

The Discerning Christian

I have often heard it that I am just as beholden to my presuppositions as anyone else is to theirs. A particular brand of Christian thought called “presuppositional apologetics” supposes that you just have to accept certain foundational ideas (presuppositions) and then build from there. You may have heard some of the big names in presuppositional apologetics without ever having heard the term. RC Sproul is certainly the most famous living example, and he is a very influential figure (I find this unfortunate). Most recently, I heard a presuppositional-style argument crop up in the discussion of one of Peter Enns‘ Facebook posts. The suggestion there was that the belief that the Bible is not infallible is just as binding to one person as the belief that it is infallible is binding to someone else.

Presuppositionalism is weird and involves lots of intentional circular reasoning. Fortunately, its critiques dissolve fairly quickly…

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3 thoughts on “Unicorns and Presuppositionalists

  1. More than good thoughts. Truth. Religious wars, murder, in the name of religion. Predjudice in the name of religion and whose belief is right and whose belief is wrong.

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