A Terrible Theology



I write this post with certain amount of sadness for the death of a very loving young man and the internal conversations that a terrible theology creates afterwards.  A young man driving on the highway 330 crashed into another car resulting in his death.  Now as if this isn’t enough grief for his friends and family to bare they must also bare the questions a Terrible Theology implies.  You see according to The Terrible Theology. this young beautiful boy was beyond the age of accountability.   So the question this Terrible Theology asks and by default all of us polluted by it sickness do as well. Is did he receive Jesus as his personal savior or is he in Hell right now for ever and ever?  Is there any doubt why more and more people are rejecting this Terrible Theology and searching for the truth of God’s love in the scriptures, or worse yet walking away from faith altogether. 

The truth is God conceived this young man in his mothers womb with the deepest love imaginable, and there never was a time when he did not love every hair on this boys beautiful head.  The truth is the idea that God’s love is bound and controlled by some confession of faith a controlling church came up with is a Terrible Theology.  You see God was in Christ restoring the world back to himself, yes it will take time but God in love will succeed.  But the Terrible Theology says God as perfectly Holy demands perfection and the only way to be perfect is to receive His son Jesus Christ.  The Truth is we don’t receive Christ to get to God but rather God received us through Christ before time began it is a work of Grace completely on God’s part.  It’s a finished work you don’t add to it with any amount of the religious double talk of that Terrible Theology.  The truth is Holiness has nothing to do with sin or making your accounts square with God, It is all about the community of Love God’s shares within the Godhead, and his desire to see us all safely through this journey on earth.  It is Gods desire to increase the realms of his love and God was in Christ saying nothing you do can stop my love. 

Jesus said it best on the cross “Forgive them Father for they don’t understand the message I came to bring.”  Some still don’t have eyes to see, especially those who preach that most Terrible Theology and dare say they they proclaim God’s love.  You see God’s love is as deep for you and this beautiful young man right now, as it was for his most beloved son before time began. Can I ask you what words could you neglect to say thst could change that eternal Holy reality?

P.S. If you believe in the Terrible Theology don’t bother replying to this blog as your lie has been told long enough and will never get reprinted on my blog.

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