Writer Dylan Morrison

Please let me start with a bold and somewhat shocking statement.

There isn’t a shortage of Wisdom in the Cosmos.

‘Well it sure doesn’t look like it!’, you understandably respond.

Good point, but do let me explain.

The Created order, as far as the Hubble Telescope can see, was birthed by Wisdom. Not the wisdom of man, but Divine Wisdom, the Essence of Divine Love.

The Source from which we’ve come isn’t a dull impersonal force as portrayed in the movie Star Wars, but a vibrant, boundless Wisdom with a purpose and a plan.

Wisdom isn’t stupid. The mess that we find ourselves in hasn’t taken it by surprise. It knew all along what the consequences of its creative endeavours could be.

Wisdom still went ahead, knowing that we’d eventually get the message and return Home to its compassionate heart.

Wisdom manifests in many spiritual traditions although they foolishly attempt…

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