The God Imagers


For many years I have not only been told and taught but also told and taught myself, that God could only be known by studying the scriptures.  What in fact was happening was I was allowing other people to shape and make the God I came to know as a Fundamentalist Christian.  Often I can remember thinking how brainwashed other people were and that they could not see the God I so plainly knew through my studies.  My God was very intolerant of anyone who did not come to Him through the prescribed method.  In fact my God was so committed to this prescribed method that the penalty for not coming to Him in that fashion was eternal in nature.  To make matters worse it was torture in a literal fire with a real body for a duration that would never end.  All this was the God the God Imagers and myself by our study of “The Word” and I use that short phrase very loosely had created.  All of this was the God Image I was making for others by rightly dividing the “word of truth and the whole Counsel of God” as I was so fond of saying. 

Then one day I was watching a story about young children being taught (brainwashed) in a Madras in Pakistan.  It was then that it dawned on me how I was approaching The Bible was no different from those children repeating Koranic verse all day long.  At the time I was involved at a Church that had an Awanas program, which rewards blind memorization of verses.  As well as Pastor not that much different from the Madras Imam, basically teaching one sin based Hell & Heaven message over and over again.  My goodness I thought to myself the only difference is in our theology but our methods and closed mind results, were not that much different.

Thus began my 22 year long journey of re-imaging this God I feared more than loved. 

22 years of slowly re-imaging the God I so confidently defended and debated as though every bodies eternal life depended on it.

22 years to see the hypocrisy of The Church and self-serving God image so carefully crafted over the millennia.

22 years to have the courage to say the God image I studied so narrowly in the scriptures was an idol of my own creation and a prideful one at that.

22 years to finally say that God’s image of Love through Christ  had become lost by it’s self appointed guardians.

22 years to admit that I the one who “saved souls” for Jesus was as lost as the people I judged around the world and down the street as going to Hell.

22 years to realize being a follower of Christ was not about a prescribed method of avoiding Hell and getting to Heaven, nor a religion, nor theology, nor a KJV Bible.

22 years to realize I was not lost as the church set it up, just deceived as to the fact that I was always safe with Abba.

22 years to learn those to question and doubt the most were all The God imagers starting with myself!

22 years to finally start believing God is Love.


A recovering Hell Fire & Brimstone preacher

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