The problem with problems


The problem with problems is they pretend to be many things they are not.

they pretend to be the source of power.

they pretend to be the center of your universe.

they pretend to be bigger than they really are.

They pretend to be the absolute end of you.

They pretend to be the real you.

Take the problem of anger demanding the center stage,

to be controlled or be in control. 

Either way you go in that scenario you will lose because it makes anger the center,

and therefore defining source of your life that colors all others.

Pray for peace.

Tell everyone your pissed off

Pray for strength.

Yell a lot.

Pray for deliverance.

Break something.

Pray all you want but like the Incredible Hulk,

you are really just managing degrees of angry all the time.

You don’t overcome anger by using  devoting the resources of your will and intention,

but rather by withholding the attention it craves and needs to stay alive.

You and I mean the Divine You must learn the true power of your will & intention,

or be lost to the shifting winds of emotion and ego.

You were made to make things new,

to discover,

not complain,

to dream,

not make nightmares,

to heal,

not hurt,

to make brave new worlds.

Problems are the flotsam and jetsam of life and they always seems worse,

when you are living your Divine life dead in the water.

It’s time to answer the Divine call of your own life,

to lead it and live it with full intention & will.

Then One Fine Day when you have created and invested yourself in many beautiful things,

you will wonder what ever happen to that problem of anger? 

It’s then fully awakened you will discover,

that you have stopped making any of it.


a recovering (angry) Hell Fire & Brimstone preacher


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