One way to understand John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His on begotten Son: 

This is not a Statement that is the first stanza of a divine Salvation formula, 

It is also a statement dealing with the world at the time it is communicated.

Therefore it’s primary import is to those hearing it then and their response not to this statement,

but rather what this statement represents i.e. the Messianic Promise.

In like Manner the primary understanding of the Word “World” should be The Roman World,

now don’t worry gentiles you are included in the Roman World just not the Top Messianic focus.

That whosoever believes in him:

Primarily pointed to those who respond to this messianic offer in that time and space context.

To project this as an absolute requirement beyond that Time and Space context

is an abuse of the Incarnational narrative and urgency of the moment. 

Also believes in Him must be seen as a unified work of the Father and the Son and not separate.

Shall not perish:

There is no need at this point to project any Jewish Messianic promises beyond the earthly ones,

promised to the Nation Israel by her prophets. 

Israel’s promises from God have always been conditional upon earthly performance and faithfulness.

There is no reason to conclude at this point that all of a sudden Jesus is introducing a new concept,

that concept being a punishment of unlimited duration in a place called Hell. 

He is however staying true to the conditional nature of God’s covenant with the Nation Israel,

and punishment for disobedience being and earthly matter as well.

but have everlasting life or (age lasting life)

At this point and in order to stay consistent we do not need to make the protestant stretch,

and make this phrase about eternal life in a place called Heaven. 

To remain relevant to the Jewish Messianic prophetic context of this entire phrase,

we need only see the promise of the life of God fully implemented into the life of His people.

Further that as the prophets promised this life of God following through his people would,

change the whole world starting with Israel and without end.




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