The Kingdom Prodigal

As the story goes the Prodigal returns to the relative safety of his Fathers world leaving all outside unmoved and untransformed. The real story of our day is a Prodigal who gets a revelation for that which is not home and stays behind. Then in the true power of all Christ’s begins to transform that world starting in the Pig Pen.

The Prodigals We Need…

2 thoughts on “The Prodigals We Need…

  1. I used to believe that. Then I realized that the pigpen does not want to be transformed, and will viciously resist any efforts at transformation. The real secret is that there’s no lock on the pigpen gate, and you can leave any time you want. The only thing stopping most people from moving to a cleaner place is all the stories that get told within the pigpen about how scary, dangerous and evil life outside the mudhole is.

  2. My thought here was how a particular interpretation plays in the escape from planet earth kind of belief system. Thank You for your reply and it’s good to see the children doing so well in Texas.

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