Love that does not care in a tangible and selfless way for the other is merely a notion of Love.  Which is why for the most part John 3:16 as dealt with in many circles, leaves you seriously doubting God’s actualized commitment to Love. The actual narrative of the Life of Christ of course teaches that love that does not care all the way to fulfillment is not fully divine. A Love that keeps you twisting in the wind or unchosen by divine fiat, must be rejected as an outright miss-reading of the Love of God clearly reflected in the self revealed Christ. 
We see in many teachings concerning the coming of Christ, (incarnation)
a rejection of what is clearly the radical evolution of God’s love finally expressed. 
You see it is not enough to say:
I brought you into the world and I’ll take you out,
it’s my way or the highway,
I gave you a house (planet) to live in,
these are my rules love them or leave them.
No Love as expressed by the life of Christ clearly speaks volumes of how limited the OT expressions of God really were. 
No it didn’t get any better by clever Greek concepts of a distant God,
totally detached but said to be love but only in the most overly defined way. 
So we see the need for God to send his Son not to help us “Be Perfect” but rather to say this is the REAL Me!


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