Standardized Salvation

That many people have a moment in time were they have an epiphany about God or their spiritual nature is a beautiful thing. Some of us like Abraham mark that spot in our life with a name or a sign, heck today you might even take a picture with your cell phone. That moment was unique and just for you but the problem comes when we try to standardize our event for everyone else. Things even get worse when we go back into our holy texts and find proof that our experience is mandatory for all others, without exception.
Such is the condition that the Evangelical Church finds itself in at the very beginning of the 21st century. The Industrial Age taught us among other things in America was how to mass produce a product with great speed and efficiency. This does not however produce the best product which General Motors discovered here recently, neither does it produce a truly spiritual and noble human being. Standardized Salvation made famous by Charles Finney, Wild Billy Sunday and of course without a doubt the greatest Billy Graham, produced masses of Christians in America.
Now the idea of uniting people with God is a noble idea and one that Holy Messengers have been doing for thousands of years. Lets face it though Standardized anything and especially when it comes to spirituality does not produce the quality product that Jesus and many others demonstrated. What happen is exactly what happened with No Child Left Behind people only learn to pass the darn the test. This creates both shallow knowledge at best and an inability to integrate the information with real life.
So here we are today with people who are Born Again by Standardized salvation but no nothing of the wind of The Spirit and how to integrate their spirituality holistically. Have no fear however for they can “Pass the Test” is asked how one produces a Christian and fill the pews of Churches. Wait a minute thought the generations coming up can see what Standardized Salvation produces and they are rejecting it in great numbers. Much like the Federal Government though it is hard to stop and piece of Passed Legislation and so the Evangelical Church continue to teach to test.
There is good news though there are groups of people everywhere asking questions and interested in spiritual discovery and renewal. Standardized Salvation with all its assumptions and mandatory production methods is being challenged from within by those tired of the substandard product it produces. Keep seeking and asking questions my friends there is a move of God which will not be directed from Church Corporate Headquarters and you are a part of it!


ps K Cars suck!

Standardized Salvation

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