So I can’t tell you how many times I told people who were turned of by RELIGION, that being a Christian wasn’t a religion but rather a relationship. Now there is nothing wrong with Jesus that RELIGION can’t ruin or manipulate given enough time. As I began to have relationship with Jesus and study his words as well as His life, I began to see problems with Christian doctrines about Hell, Salvation Theology and the fate of billions of souls.

This is when I ran smack dab into the Jesus who is not a relationship but a religion and his followers. When I began to challenge the man made ideas that all people not Born Again go to Hell, the religion of the “relationship with jesus” began to attack me in mass. They began to question if I in fact I had a relationship with jesus in the first place. You see it wasn’t about a relationship with jesus, but rather a relationship with the jesus of religion.

It wasn’t long until I heard that the jesus I had a relationship was the wrong one and I was a cult leader & heretic. Because in challenging certain aspects of the Christian RELIGION I was in fact denying jesus himself, and in danger of going to the very version hell I was questioning. All the poor people interested in the questions I was asking were in danger as well, and in some instances continue to be warned in no uncertain terms.
I think you get the picture here this jesus is a religion, and can’t be separated from the infallible doctrines about him. So much baggage Original Sin, Sinners Prayer, Literalism, Legalism, Bible Worship, Total Depravity, Infallible Assumptions, and oh yes a relationship with jesus.

So my freedom at this point is so wonderful I can’t begin to tell you how liberating it is, I in fact have a relationship with Jesus that grows every day in Love.


it’s a “jesus RELIGION!”

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