Puny god

My absolutely favorite scene in the movie “The Avengers” is when the Loki says to Hulk; “Enough! You are, all of you are beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by…” then the Hulk flattens Loki with repeated smashes into the floor and says; “Puny god.”
In ancient times many a King made an image of himself and then demanded worship at the pains of death. Of course although they were made image in God’s image and also possed the power to kill or bless they were as the Hulk said, “Puny god.” People also began to write down ideas about God to the best of their understanding, but always God was restricted by the very understanding they used and therefore to a lesser degree a puny god.

Then as I see it came the great awakening, Jesus Christ and his demonstration of a God gentle instead of cruel. His demonstration of a God who blessed all without exception and refused worship and adulation. His insistence that the word Love be the primary and foundational understanding of a God he tenderly called daddy. This God of Jesus is the one I have discovered in all his perceived weakness, at least according to the Puny god of threat & consequences.

This brings us to the greatest Puny god of all, the God who is all powerful but is limited either by his own foreknowledge or the will of finite beings. The Puny god who would love to save all souls but loses to his great nemesis Satan the vast majority of the time. The Puny god who besides losing ground to Satan everyday, also has to convince people to tell people his story of threat or consequences. This Puny god of all Fundamentalist religions be it Christian or Muslim is still ranting and threatening about how powerful he is, and you better worship him at the pains of death, sound familiar?

Something however is happening today people like the hulk are beginning to see the God of threat & blessing theology for what it is a Puny God, just explained with bigger words. Some are beginning to see the ramifications of the phrases Jesus said “if you have seen me you have seen the father” and “if you have heard me you have heard the Father.” Some are daring to smash the Puny god of threat and consequences and truly believe in the God like Jesus. One weak & therefore Mighty in self giving love and sacrifice, as the Apostle Paul said the weakness of God is greater than the Puny god’s of mans imagination.

The Puny gods of mans fearful imagination are coming down and slowly but surely we are beginning to believe a story told 2000 years ago. A story demonstrated by Jesus Christ when on a cross the Puny god died, and the strangest thing is the weak & mighty loving God’s fingerprints are all over it!


Puny god

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