Many people consider a prayer less that perfect if it is not closed with the phrase “in Jesus name.” Thinking as they were taught that saying this is to confirm you believe in all the proper things you have been taught about that name. I can remember the first time I deviated from the script and was taken to task afterwards by a well-meaning elder. It of course did not matter to him that it was a public event, Jesus in his eyes was let down with my prayer as was God the Father.
So let me suggest something to you today, that if Jesus and God are concerned it has far more to do with the content of your prayer then closing it with the right incantation. Jesus himself if one is to believe his sayings, was against the prayer of incantation and repetition. With this in mind let me say the following if the content of your prayer is in,
the Name of Love
the Name of the Other
the Name of Serving
the Name of Wholeness
the Name of Unity
the Name of Healing
the Name of Change
the Name of Struggle
the Name of Forgiveness
the Name of Equality
the Name of Grace
the Name of Humility
the Name of the Future
the Name of Children
the Name of the Weak
the Name of the Hungry
the Name of Mercy
the Name of Peace
the Name of Mystery
the might I say your prayer is in JESUS Name,
no matter how you end it or what you believe!



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