Reflections on a Spiritual Community


So as I reflect on the spiritual community myself a few other souls started back in May of 2013, it seems the best is yet to come.  We have in fact just begun to ask ourselves what kind of spiritual community we actually want to be.  Open and affirming of the divinity in each other is a given but beyond that how can we grow together while staying open to change.   Asking as well how to share this Love Way with the community we live in, a community changing itself?  It’s fairly plain there is no need for another typical evangelical christian church in the town we live in, Jesus lovers yes, we are saved and you are not NO.  Further more and this is a big one what spiritual values do we want to pass on to future generations, about love care for the earth, each other. equality and spiritual balance.

Yes indeed I am looking to forward to this coming year as we begin to chart a new course for Emerging Love Fellowship.  If you live in the Mountian, Anza & Aguanga area and would like to be a part of this open spiritual community look me up.


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