The God of The Hype

 There is an old saying I am sure everyone has heard,
“ If it’s too good to be true it more than likely isn’t.”
This is a very good adage when dealing with the big
over the top events recorded in ancient Holy Books.
Much like all the advertizing you see about Free* or
that prices are cut 75%, it is in the end just a
gimmick to get you to buy.  The truth is always far
 more subtle then we have been taught by the church.
 There is a great scene recorded in the
Jewish Tanakh were a prophet of God finally
discovers that God is actually to be found in stillness
 and soft sounds.  You see the God of Great Floods and the
 Cosmic Big Bang can only be found in the 21st century in
books and grand standing theology.  This is not to say
these events did or did not occur but only that you should
not expect that level of God activity in your life today and
any time during your lifetime.
 This also goes for the Jesus of the New Testament, if you
are looking for the Water into Wine Jesus or the Walk on
Water Jesus you’re going to be greatly disappointed.  You
see if your looking for Jesus that takes all your sins away
 so you feel great and go to heaven, you are buying the hype. 
This is the picture the church
painted of Jesus and God for that matter, the all you need
is a low down payment, (faith and confession) and Eternal
Life can be yours.  Or the Universalist Hype that no down
payment is needed and every body is going to heaven.
Although I personally lean more towards the Universalist
 Camp, it’s still
based on the same church hype that stared this mess back
in the time of Constantine. 
Jesus said it best give a drink of water, feed the hungry,
care for the children, and love your enemy.  He said the
Kingdom was within you and don’t build monuments to
to God.
You see the truth about God is not in the hype about Jesus
 raising the Dead, or God creating the universe in 6 literal
days.  Run from the people who focus on the hype ( run
 forest run.)   It’s the sound of a child’s laughter or a kind
 deed that  moves life forward for someone.  It’s the subtle
God that is the real force behind the scenes and not the
 God or Jesus of the sales  hype the church has been selling
 for 2000 years.
God through Christ is the subtle idea and influence behind
 creation and your being, always moving  towards a
better future, not by force but rather gentle influence as it
 has always been for eons.
 So be free from the God of hype and live, grow and make
the small differences that change the world for the better. 
Jesus encouraged us to do like he did in order to see the
Kingdom as God has envisioned.  It’s time to put away the
 childish hype that keeps us bound to a dead past, and to
 be free and know the truth that the future is ours and not
the God of the hype.  Or as Jesus said greater things will
 you do and I must go, so that the God of the Hype comes
 crashing down once and for all.  Have you not heard that
 you are all gods now go and change the world.



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