Miracles are for Losers

It is recorded that Jesus asked when speaking to a man; “Will you never believe in me unless you see miraculous signs and wonders?”  We would say today that “Miracles are for Losers” or People who want “The Sizzle and not the Steak.”  It’s unfortunate then when recording the life of Christ, his disciples who didn’t really get the deeper Jesus and his spiritual meanings, put so many Miracles in their writes.  This is in fact one thing I like about Paul and a reason I find his writings more credible, his avoidance of the big and flashy Jesus. 

Here’s the thing though I want to focus on today and that’s the miracle Jesus of our theologies, I mean for over 2000 years we have been making something unreal about this humble desert prophet and son of God.  Who cares about what he said and did and his attempt to change the direction the Jewish Nation, which was running head long into Roman Lions Den.  No that’s not the questions and ideas the church worked on with feverish frenzy, but rather the nature of hypostatic union and the divine right of kings, transubstantiation, original sin, perfect justice and God’s offended holiness, you know All the things Jesus was so concerned about!

I hope you see a pattern here my friends because we have just exchanged literal Miracles for mental ones, and let me tell you the mental ones have caused far more damage.  But, but Pastor these ideas these great and lofty Miracles of theology are so very important to our faith in Jesus Christ, we have to have them.  Really I don’t think so, Jesus was right people who need Miracles be they literal or mental are in fact Losers.  Losers because they are being misdirected away from the real story of Man from God’s realm, living Human and loving deeply.  A man who tried to change his world and failed but gave it his whole life, which was in fact the life of God.  It’s a love story of Gods persistence not in spite of us but because of us, a God who says we can do it, I believe in humanity, its future and Jesus is the level of my commitment. 

So believe in the Jesus without Miracles, because the transformational life Christ spoke of take hard work, love and sacrifice.   So as Jesus said “take up your cross and follow my example” this is the God life, the Kingdom life, Eternal life.


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