Are they your Beliefs?


One of the things that finally dawns on you when you are challenging the things you used to believe,

is that much of it wasn’t your belief in the first place.

You know all the things that bugged you like Good Old Uncle Harry in hell because he was a Mormon,

or you being born in the hole and worth just slightly more than a worm.

They never resonated with your spirit always bugging you,

as if those ideas vibrated at a frequency that gave your spirit a unbalanced feeling.

Then one day you become aware that they never were your beliefs in the first place,

that they belonged to others who in their desire to be faithful gladly gave them to you. 

Sometimes we actually paid to learn what our spirit could never embrace,

but such is the need for acceptance that we kept piling them on. 

Then comes the day when you realize beliefs are a personal,

and that belief is not one size fits all. 

You begin to listen to that still small voice within you and then you begin to let go,

and you discover your balance not by what you add but by what you release. 

At this point those things which are naturally attracted to you begin to be obvious,

and those beliefs which were never yours, begin to move away from you.


One thought on “Are they your Beliefs?

  1. So beliefs that are not really yours are quite simply a hindrance to your spiritual evolution as a Human Being. Those religious beliefs you have always struggled with but allowed to over ride your natural intuition and conscience are a hindrance to new spiritual discovery in your life. That we have been taught to distrust our natural God given intuition for a trust in the religious mind is unfortunate, but if you desire true spiritual discoveries and awareness this thinking must go and the sooner the better.

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