Guardian Angel’s Resignation Notice

Systematic Foolery

March 28th, 2012

Harachel, Guardian Angel
Believer Protective Services
2997 West Pearl Gate, Ave
South Heaven, Cloud 6

Dear Heaven Resources Department:

Please accept this written statement as an advance notice of my resignation from Believer Protective Services as a Guardian Angel. My last working day will be 2 weeks from this notice. That should be suffice to find another angel to pick up my cases.

The decision to leave BPS after almost 2000 years of service has not come easy. I love my co-workers. However, the current goals and evaluations I have received are unfair to say the least. I have voiced my complaints to my supervisors, but upon seeing little change I have decided to leave in good conscious. I will let my grievances be known in writing.

First, it’s near impossible for us to watch the female humans every hour. After the Nephilim debacle that lead to…

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