The Apostles Epistle (E-mail) to Greg

Systematic Foolery

In a parallel universe, Christianity gained traction in 2004. The letters of some of the first apostles were recovered from an ancient e-mail database in 2099. Translators used the only source they had, an English dictionary from 1913 to translate the letters. Below is the letter and the translation/commentary. May the Holy Spirit speak to you through the apostle.

The Apostles Epistle (E-mail) to Greg

(v1) Greetings Greg,

(v2) How are things going? I hope all is well. (v3) I just wanted to reach out and let you know that what you said was dead on the money. (v4) So many people just don’t want to hear the positive things coming out of your side of town. (v5) But, maybe after they consider some of the ideas you presented it will move them to another position.

(v6) Anyways, how are things going with your mother? (v7) It’s such a bummer…

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