Conversations in a Phone Booth

A young man recently asked me about the exclusive language Jesus used when dealing with His Fathers Kingdom. I pointed out that I understood the interpretation of this exclusive language has been badly used to send a great many souls to the churches hell. When we however understand that for the most part Jesus conversations in 1st century Aramaic & Hebrew about the Father’s Kingdom were conversations in a very small phone booth. It was never intended to be taken out of its historical Israel/Covenantal context. Jesus was not speaking to the world and he made that clear on numerous occasions, his attempt to open up the conversation eventually failed in his age. Let also be mindful he was speaking using idioms, figures of speech and metaphors known in his day and in his middle eastern culture. So in building an exclusive Kingdom for itself the church has done a great disservice to global peace and reconciliation, in the name of its Jesus. In its rush to own the words of Jesus it has divided (with theology) what must actually be multiplied (with inclusion). When you take personal conversations and then use the natural exclusive nature of private conversations, to impose upon it your exclusive theology you get by nature a distortion of the true meaning of things. This is how the church has taken the private conversations of the prince of peace and son of love, and turned it into a theology that condemns what he loved and sends the vast majority of souls to its hell.

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