From Jesus to Christ


When you find yourself in a place where the Spirit of Christ is drawing you away from the Religion of Jesus you once embraced. It will take time and patience to negotiate the space between these two planes of existence. It is a very difficult transition especially when most of your life you were not aware there actually was a difference between the two.  On top of this people will not understand your growing rejection of major concepts of the Religion of Jesus. 

For example the Spirit of Christ will make it more and more difficult for you to believe those not in the Religion of Jesus are going to Hell, or that Jesus came to die for your sins and you are basically evil, rather than the Spirit of Christ’s teaching that one must die for loves growth and that you are good and loved.

I will tell your biggest struggle with be with people still in and committed to the Religion of Jesus.  Now some of these people are in fact fellow travelers and their questions are actually about discovery of The Christ.  The problem is you’re in transition and many times the best you can say is “well I just believe God is Love.”  Be patient though Love which defines the very nature of the Spirit of Christ has a language of it’s own but it takes time learn.  As Paul taught so well in Cor. 13 love as it is leaving the trappings of religion must struggle against the former until only it remains.

These people however will not be the source of your greatest heartache, it will be those fully committed to the Religion of Jesus who you loved deeply.  You see the Religion of Jesus has had thousands of years to develop a defense against this very transition you find yourself in.  These well meaning people ask you questions but they are not for discovery but rather to compare your answers against the prescribed ones, the ones the Religion of Jesus demands you get correct. 

My dear friend let me help you here don’t go there, the Religion of Jesus has been designed to judge you and label you.  (Unlike I might add here the actual Spirit of Christ for whom judgment is a distraction from loves mission.)  It has been designed to defend itself at all costs, it is a fixed faith system with very strong walls and intricate defenses.  The energy you spend fighting it and trying to change it will only cost you and is not worth it.  You are in fact only looking for the called the elect if you will “for many are called but few are chosen” although and here’s the Spirit of Christs revelation “all are loved.”  The Religion of Jesus is in fact coming to a point of crisis but much like the Temple “no stone will be left upon another”, until all that remains is the perfection of love.

Just continue your journey and don’t look back as Jesus taught, look for like minded souls and above all learn the way of love from any source you see the Spirit of Christ in.  I will as always have more to say about my journey as time goes by but in the meantime be strong in The Spirit of Christ.



2 thoughts on “From Jesus to Christ

  1. I feel the mystical Jesus too rejected religion (scribes and Pharisees, that brood of vipers). The problem I believe is the Literalism in church dogma that is designed to purposely keep people dependent on the church dogma instead of rising to their wonderful Christos Consciousness. It’s a game that is thousands of years old. RISE!! (good post:))

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