One thought on “Walking Worship

  1. Worship to me implies a separateness from God, which I prefer to call Consciousness because even God sounds like a superior being separated from me that needs His ego pleased by my worshipping It. So I’m in complete agreement with you if I mentally change God to Consciousness Field. To live right we must learn to make correct choices from the potential probability packets that comes from Consciousness and creates the future in this reality we are having our present human experience in. But alas, words are themselves symbols and we can’t help but use analogy when speaking of these things. I’m in the process of meditating to identify and lose my fears, decrease ego and live Naturally, or what a Christian might call being Adam (although most probably don’t really understand what that really means, and the literalization of the myth is so childish). I guess you had a religious upbringing and that plays into your thinking, have you looked up Bill Donahue on youtube? Great insight he has. I think you’d like some of what he says.

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