What about Communion?

I have stopped doing traditional communion

in the fellowship I lead in Anza, Ca.

I will admit it was one of the biggest struggles

in my move away from a Fundamentalist view

of what Faith in Christ looked like.

What finally convinced me was realizing that

Traditional Communion

has not moved my community nor

humanity forward in love and unity.

 It actually has only continued to reinforce a Guilt,

Punishment& Penalty Mentality,

and the churches control of the Heavens.

The Church has not moved the goal of humanities

advancement in love forward,

in  all the millennia it has been pushing

this Guilt, Punishment & Penalty Ceremony.

This system has not evolved People Spiritually

 in it’s weekly or monthly indulgence payment to

God with the often repeat the mantra of

“I am not worthy I am not worthy”


“Jesus paid it all, all to him I owe.”

The definition of Insanity is continuing to do the same

thing and expecting a different result.

Look at our country as we continue to think Crime

and punishment will move our society forward into

the coming centuries.


We seek  guilty people make more laws and build

more prisons, find the bad guy out there start a war

on something anything,

after all it’s really working for us isn’t it?

It’s the mindset Jesus found during his time

on earth, rather than find the good in each other

it’s far easier to punish the weak and celebrate your

imputed righteousness.

This Puritan view of the future is dead because it is

based on our common sin, guilt & hopelessness,

rather than our common goodness,

divinity & common future.

You see Jesus was saying in his day stop keeping

score, stop looking for a God of punishment.

He was saying the only way forward was to love your

enemy, to forgive and heal where you see darkness

and ignorance.

Jesus was saying Israel could only move forward if

they loved the Romans and moved forward as equals

and not Chosen and Pagan.

No Jesus did not die for my sins but the Guilt,

Punishment & Payment system did murder him

2000 years ago.

I no longer feel I have to thank him for dying for my

sins which crucified him every week for

the rest of my life.

Jesus came to demonstrate the foolishness of

the Guilt, Punishment & Payment religious system.

I do believe he would be turning in his grave if he was

there for what the church has turned his murder into.

Jesus never said he would die for my sins  but rather

he would give his life for his friends or as he said;

“it’s the greatest love to give your life for your


So no I no longer practice Traditional Communion

because I feel it’s time to live in the reality of being

Born Again, which is a breaking from the past that

hasn’t worked and looking to the future from the

lens of a loving resurrected present.

The Message of the Cross is not the literal Cross

and the method of his death.

The Message of the Cross is not about a literal

celebration of blood but rather

the symbolic life that blood represents.

There is no Power in Blood but there is in life,

and for the potential of a better future for all in

a Resurrected Christ!


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