Love, Time, Space & Infinity

The start out exploring love one must start with the correct view of love in the first place. You see if “God so loved the world” he sent his full Human expression into the world, in full embrace and without judgment. Then to comprehend this love, is not to understand it in lite of religious performance and requirements of any kind. To explore this Love is to see it’s relationship to two created elements and the divine spark within the soul, the two elements are time and space and the soul’s eternal element is the breath of God. You see time and space speak of the need for union apart from any trappings other than the sharing of being, that is your pure soul. There are no need for words or worship as a matter of fact saying I love God is a fools diversion compared to the quiet dwelling of unity. What song do you need save the song of your life force and the swirl of life’s animation all around you. What building? What Liturgy? Who’s Death? None but the simple fact of life itself and the grand union with the loving source of all, a love by the way free of all charge and grandiose needs of obedience & worship in words and creeds. So you have time and any space will do especially the infinite space within where you dwell in honesty and simplicity, and here dwells that infinite well of love waiting to unite in silence nothing more is required. It’s from this dwelling place in Time, Space and Infinitely that you move out creatively being love and loving others in the manner of your deepest experience.


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