You’re not that…

Picasso, Don Quichotte.jpg

Thoughts have no mass and yet will propel you in all kinds of directions, even while you are standing still. That being said it’s important that you not let your thoughts lead you, for the tendency is the loudest thought wins. We all know that in a room full of people the loudest guy is usually the last one you should follow.  Truth be told the scene feels far more like a bar room brawl then a college lecture series. Awareness is the key to gaining control back from the Kingdom of loudest or most fearful thought wins. Problem is many people think Awareness is another form of laziness or indecision, when in fact it’s your safe harbor from the demand that every thought be heard and a choice be made right now! You find awareness in the pause or that silent place that views all the thought activity pretending to be reality. Thoughts like many potential realities that surround us are given their life by our awareness and at times this is a good thing. Not checked however they will (and you realize there is no they) will drive you insane but even this you is not you at all. Rather this you (and you realize your not that) is the prop set up by all these thoughts in order to keep the show on the road, the default setting if you prefer. So you and by that I mean you as awareness must carve out a space between all this silliness and begin to realize thoughts are a game that can be fun and beneficial to dance with. They however must serve the far grander story of your incarnation in this life, that narrative of bringing goodness and love to this present moment and it’s natural ripple into a new future yet un-manifested.

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