Purpose Praying

Picasso, Don Quichotte.jpgSome thoughts about prayer:

So when you pray divorce yourself from the outcome you want, let’s be honest and admit that outcome based praying is @ best 50/50 affair. I have discovered I don’t really know how to pray effectively for other people or myself for that matter, seeing that none of us really sees our own circumstances in a truly honest way. Effective prayer if there is such a thing and I think there is, needs to be purpose based or what the Bible says is God’s good purpose. Now a purpose is different from a plan and this is a critical point to understand, most people are busy in prayer trying to find God’s perfect plan for their life. We have been taught that God’s perfect plan is XYZ and if only you find that sweet spot well its happy days are here again.  Purpose however is different animal all together good old Webster says Purpose is, “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” Do you see that a Purpose is a wide open field unlike a plan which is decided ahead of time. This could be why your frustrated with prayer because you are trying to find a master plan instead of finding your purpose and living it full of intention.

So what is your purpose you ask and I would answer the key is not to over define your purpose in the first place.  You see the book of Genesis and indeed the teachings of Jesus keep it rather simple, do good and want the the greatest good for the whole.  Love yourself and the Source of your life from which flows the greatest opportunity you will ever have, to live, love and create something unique.

Bill Langill jr.

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