Pastor Bill’s AUDIO Messages

Job #13 God show yourself

Dirt in Heaven

Job #12

The WAY of Blessing

The Melchizedek Blessing


Job #11

Easter 2012

Job #10 Edited

Palm Sunday 2012

Job #13

Being Diverse

Job #8 Edited

All Things Edited

Relationship not Sacrifice

Job #7


I got to get out of this Place!

Clean And Unclean it’s Natural.

When the Self-righteous are Wrong.

Clean And Unclean it’s Natural.

Possibilities or Checkmate

The Walking Man

Cain and Abel

Job # 4 with friends like this…

Job #3 (to be or NOT to be) Audio Message

Changing your Thinking <<< click here

Book of Job Series #2 (when its all gone)

GRACE BEFORE TIME audio message

The Book of Job Series #1

New Perspectives for 2012 (you’re very good)

From Law to Abraham’s Promise

Make Disciples NOT Believers

Rob Bell Final

Elizabeth & Mary

Zip It! (Promises & Miracles)

Rob Bell ” The Good New is Better than that” Chapter 7

Rob Bell Love wins There are every where

Feelings Edited

(Contentment) the Key to HAPPY.

Rob Bell Love Wins 7

Back on the Road

Blind but now I see

Wounded Bird Edited

immeasurable Grace.Edited

Love & Devotion Edited

Mothers Day<<<< CLICK HERE TO HEAR

Inclusive Salvation <<< CLICK HERE TO HEAR

Remember The Child in You <<<< click here to hear. Edited

More Glory Father <<< click here to hear

Palm Sunday <<<

You Must be Born From Above. <<<

The Book of Enoch (the watchers)

Miracles & Wine

Jesus’s core Values MP3 message

Tree House MP3

Blessed Are the Peacemakers Edited

you must be born again, again… MP3

Trust God not Men! MP3 <<< click here to hear.

Hell Edided

Peace Making Away of Life Edited

Relationships not Signs MP3

Ten Things that Hurt Relationships mp3

Don Quixote Faith

Lover X 7 come back to me Edited

How to lead at home work & life 2 Edited

How to lead at home, work & life mp3

How to lead at home work & life.3 Edited

Bigger than YOU

Come And See.Edited



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