You are a Beautiful Temple


You are a Beautiful Temple

You sanctify the Gold

which covers the rooms

of your heart

You are a Beautiful Temple

not worthless as the priests

of Gold have proclaimed

You are a Beautiful Temple

open wide the doors of your

sanctuary and court yards

You are a Beautiful Temple

let shine the pure Gold

Let shine the God within

You are a Beautiful Temple



How’s your Light?


It is recorded in the letters of Luke and Matthew the following:

“Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light.” 

Sometimes when surrounded by darkness we forget we need to light to survive and beings of light.  Not all information brings light into your life and neither do all relationships.  Busy all the time is also a very good way to drain ones light as well as anger and bitterness.  

So how do we recharge the light within, seeing that according to the teachings of Krishna, Buddha & Jesus more light is always better than a little? 

Surround yourself with love and peace when ever it is your choice. 

Take time to meditate and there by recharge your light from within, for it is recorded in many places that there is a light that dwells within all of us.

Listen to beautiful things.

Watch as many sunrises and sunsets as possible.

Love yourself and others with reckless abandon.

Do good and be kind as a way of life and your body will be full of light and you shall like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna & many others, be a bearer of light and a transformer of worlds!


Wednesday’s Meditation

Wednesday's Meditation

One of the deeper meditations last night so far, I think going longer then 40 minutes helps us get to that place of Union with the Divine. We looked at using a sacred word (centering prayer) along with the control of the breath and stillness of the body. If you have been thinking about coming you really should give it a try there is a dynamic in group meditation.