Intersecting Timelines

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So in this moment I have become aware of multiple timelines intersecting just before me and saying choose me. Now what’s interesting is that I can see these timelines presenting themselves as potential or opportunity and many times they come in waves. Now the echo of the past is not always comfortable with these potential timelines, and there is a natural deception that time flows from the past through the present and into the future. Now this mystery that calls us into the future or progress if you will, is much like birds being called into migration and it must be heeded if progress for the good is to be made. It does not need a name but one thing I have discovered is when you begin to look for these intersections they appear more often and in many manifestations, which can be taxing if you have had an echo based past time flow mindset.
Religion for me was a part of that echo based past time flow mindset, most everything it focuses on is what I call the “No Direction” that is to say no intersections can appear in unreality, there is only the recorded intersections of others we are called to celebrate and relive as if that was actually possible or truly fulfilling.  Why would we want to worship in that state of mind, why in some places in this world they even want to return to “the good old days” like the 7th century for example. This is the sign of future death my friends being manifested as a counter point to the worlds evolution, but we must migrate people in order to flourish. Anyway there are timelines to choose and potentialities to manifest and discover and they are right before us in this very moment, all that is required is a leap of faith into that great mystery intersection. 🙂


Bill Langill jr

You’re not that…

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Thoughts have no mass and yet will propel you in all kinds of directions, even while you are standing still. That being said it’s important that you not let your thoughts lead you, for the tendency is the loudest thought wins. We all know that in a room full of people the loudest guy is usually the last one you should follow.  Truth be told the scene feels far more like a bar room brawl then a college lecture series. Awareness is the key to gaining control back from the Kingdom of loudest or most fearful thought wins. Problem is many people think Awareness is another form of laziness or indecision, when in fact it’s your safe harbor from the demand that every thought be heard and a choice be made right now! You find awareness in the pause or that silent place that views all the thought activity pretending to be reality. Thoughts like many potential realities that surround us are given their life by our awareness and at times this is a good thing. Not checked however they will (and you realize there is no they) will drive you insane but even this you is not you at all. Rather this you (and you realize your not that) is the prop set up by all these thoughts in order to keep the show on the road, the default setting if you prefer. So you and by that I mean you as awareness must carve out a space between all this silliness and begin to realize thoughts are a game that can be fun and beneficial to dance with. They however must serve the far grander story of your incarnation in this life, that narrative of bringing goodness and love to this present moment and it’s natural ripple into a new future yet un-manifested.

What’s the Point? (thoughts on prayer)

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There was a time when I saw prayer as a Point to Point transaction, by that I mean that I prayed to God in Jesus Name and then God took the prayer under consideration. It was so to speak out of my hands at that point and I could go about my life never certain how the God at the end of the prayer point decided things, if at all.
I have come to some conclusions concerning this kind of prayer and the biggest one is, God is not a Point out there to pray too. There is no Point in a Place called heaven where God much like Santa Claus receives the letters we send him. I find this to be a very limited way to understand and view that field of awareness and energy which permeates the Cosmos.
Prayer for me relates to a Point of contact that in fact is not an actual point that can be found in time and space. The Point is my love and my awareness of a need in life around me, that is in need of an infusion of life everlasting. (if I may use that term) So that Prayer is directly connected with my awareness and responsibility for the life around me, even that which is beyond my line of sight.  So that when I pray I in fact act as an agent of the Source of all life, and the Point to Point contact is between the Source through me and the need.   I take responsibility as a potential creator myself and one in possession of the awareness that my divine life matters, and can tip a balance in the life around me.

Therefore I do not pray any longer to point where God is in Heaven through Jesus, as though I need all the distance, middle men and personal abandonment that thinking implies.  Simply put I take my divinity seriously and much like the Genesis myth story, I apply my growing spiritual abilities to the life around me, in order to make the world a better place.  I do not judge what that goodness has to look like nor do I judge the outcomes,  I just commit to Loving with all the spiritual energy I posses that which is within and without.


Thoughts on Time & Being

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So I am sitting in my media room waiting for a phone call about a part-time job and it occurred to me just how much time was involved in my previous belief system. It’s one of the reasons in hindsight I think I walked away from it, it was for all intents and purposes a very pushy way time based way to believe. Let me list just a few and I do believe you will get the idea
1. The world is ending SOON!
2. Jesus is returning ANY DAY!
3. Judgment is coming SOON!
4. We need to save the World right NOW!
5. God has expectations that are not being MEET!
            6.  Did you study, pray and do enough for Jesus TODAY?
Any way I think you get the idea why this kind of belief is so popular among time and performance driven people. It’s bad enough my culture wants to drive me into a time panic, why should I allow my belief to do it as well. So I decided with the help of the quite voice that dwells in the silence within, to focus on Being. To that end I find no need for the artificial drivers of my old religion and its pushy time and fear based motivators. It’s amazing how Being who I really am in love fulfills the inner man without any need to lock myself in the time dominated machine which is modern Evangelical Christianity. The Mystics, Gnostics, Gurus and Jesus were correct, the Kingdom if God is within and all is right in that world. Time for some exploration free of the constraints of time and space because awareness encompasses all of that and so much more.