The Original Gospel (It’s Family Thing)


The Original Gospel doesn’t start in Genesis 3 and Eve’s fondness for fruit, but rather it starts in Genesis one and the Godhead’s dialogue about a larger family.  You see it’s about the future the Gospel that is, and God’s desire to increase the size and scope of His kingdom of which there will be no end.  It’s about the process of raising a family and as everybody knows it takes a Family to raise a Family, Father, Son and Spirit.  Jesus is not plan B after the fall of humanity in their Humanness, but rather He is the prototype of a New Humanity Divine/Human, there has only been one plan or process from the beginning.

You think it’s all about sin and God’s plan to over come a simple choice so He can tolerate to be in our presence?   You think Loving Jesus came to protect you from an angry Holier than thou God, who keeps a record of all your sins and failures?  Wrong, wrong, wrong it’s about a Families Love Father, Son & Spirit for the adopted children and fully inherited ones at that complete in every way.   It’s about a Divine Family love that has and will span all space and time, sin and struggle, a love that wins, Kingdoms without end amen!


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Global Salvation


So here in the West when we talk about Salvation for the most part it is individual in Nature almost Narcissistic.  We talk about a person having to make a decision and then you join a group of other saved individuals.  You are then rewarded for making this choice or so you are told, with the promise of Heaven.   A place we are told that is full of individuals who have made a similar choice during their life time here on fallen earth.  Of course I need not remind you of the consequences of not making this choice during your lifetime here on earth.

That being said what if Salvation is not about the individual but rather about the group, what if the reason the group is Saved is be transformation for the Whole.  You see in the west if you ask people what they need to survive rarely will they say a Family much less a Global Family. 

Now here is a radical thought but what if the Whole Globe is already saved but this potential rests with all of us believing it.  I mean that Global Salvation is just awaiting a cooperative work from within.  This Creation all of it just waiting for cooperation from the gods within, from those of us who have been saved from the thinking of Us vs Them.  You see we become saved not from Hell but from Hellish thinking, we become saved not for heaven but from a heaven that doesn’t effect this Globe.  We become saved from any Religion with narrow, individualist and tribal interpretations of the language of Salvation.  We are saved all the whole globe we just need to believe in each other and our global future in Love.  Can we start with just ourselves and a Salvation built around “I got mine tribes?”  No that’s not the point of this present and powerfully potential Salvation, and the reason why that “Salvation” is not working we are running contrary to God’s will that All be saved or rather restored.   Now when I say restored I am not talking about some perfect work, but rather the loving process of co-creation for the ages to come.

Because when you become aware it was and has been loved and saved for this process of co-creation by God.  Then you realize Salvation is God’s and Our global project beyond mere tribal and religious distinctions but yet including them as well.  It is here that we begin to rethink and remodel that beautiful Global message of The Prophets, Jesus and many Others.   It is here that we begin to reach out for other like minded and enlightened souls on this Big Blue Globe.  It is here we realize Global Salvation merely waits for our cooperation as the Daughters and Sons of the Living God. 

Now what we do with the revelation “We does include me, but can’t exclude Them” is the great work of this Spiritual New Age!