What’s the Point? (thoughts on prayer)

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There was a time when I saw prayer as a Point to Point transaction, by that I mean that I prayed to God in Jesus Name and then God took the prayer under consideration. It was so to speak out of my hands at that point and I could go about my life never certain how the God at the end of the prayer point decided things, if at all.
I have come to some conclusions concerning this kind of prayer and the biggest one is, God is not a Point out there to pray too. There is no Point in a Place called heaven where God much like Santa Claus receives the letters we send him. I find this to be a very limited way to understand and view that field of awareness and energy which permeates the Cosmos.
Prayer for me relates to a Point of contact that in fact is not an actual point that can be found in time and space. The Point is my love and my awareness of a need in life around me, that is in need of an infusion of life everlasting. (if I may use that term) So that Prayer is directly connected with my awareness and responsibility for the life around me, even that which is beyond my line of sight.  So that when I pray I in fact act as an agent of the Source of all life, and the Point to Point contact is between the Source through me and the need.   I take responsibility as a potential creator myself and one in possession of the awareness that my divine life matters, and can tip a balance in the life around me.

Therefore I do not pray any longer to point where God is in Heaven through Jesus, as though I need all the distance, middle men and personal abandonment that thinking implies.  Simply put I take my divinity seriously and much like the Genesis myth story, I apply my growing spiritual abilities to the life around me, in order to make the world a better place.  I do not judge what that goodness has to look like nor do I judge the outcomes,  I just commit to Loving with all the spiritual energy I posses that which is within and without.




“You don’t need permission” to know the idea of Hell as it is taught in a great many circles today flies in the face of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.  “You don’t need permission” to abandon the notions of men which diminish God’s love, one need only trust the heart of Love God gave you and all such contrary ideas to love vanish.  They Vanish as quickly as you embrace the experience that perfect Love casts out fear.

You “don’t need the permission” of Augustine, Calvin, Mary, Mohamed, Krishna, Chuck or Joesph Smith for that matter.   This Love is much bigger then the religious teachings of Pope, Imam, Guru or Prophet unless they set you free from the idea of “needing permission” to be who you already are.

“You don’t need permission” to stake all your being on a God of love and the ever expanding conscious understanding through exploration of the true power of relational love.  “You don’t need permission” to believe Love is the power of the Universe which is absolutely permission free and open to ALL.   

“You don’t need permission” from the Koran, Bible or any other Holy book to start this journey right now and truly walk with the God like an Rumi, Enoch, Christ or Buddha.  

Don’t you see it’s all about exploring relational love and  you “don’t need permission” only revelation that you are loved and a love in need of expression.   It is the Human attempt to explore love in relationship that is God’s true will and that journey alone reveals your Divinity, like Christ on the mount of transfiguration.  

The beauty is it’s absolutely free and the journey you were GOD designed take “you don’t need permission” forgiveness or enlightenment to go exploring, now fly.




Does God Know Everything?


As long as I remember people have told me that God knows everything, every event that’s ever going to happen in your life along with every thought you’ll ever think.  This idea makes God the ultimate dispassionate voyeur knowing everything and for the most part just watching. 

What if this however is not the case at all and people just made this stuff up about God?    If ideas and thoughts don’t exist until they are actually conceived and therefore not a thing that can be known and that includes believe it or not by God?  What if any events based on those ideas and thoughts also can’t be known before they are conceived and then acted upon.

This for me doesn’t take away from God at all and in fact makes God far more involved in the moment, rather then some being outside of time.   Or worse yet already having seen the future, God has already “been there and done that” no-thing original.  Who comes up with this stuff about God anyway it all sounds so Omni like though doesn’t it? 

Think about it why isn’t it good enough that God knows your thoughts as you think them and not before.  If God is Omni-Present isn’t good enough to know you all your life and therefore be pretty darn sure which direction you will take?  I mean isn’t it enough for God to foreknow all God will do, without having to pre-know everyone else’s thoughts before they are actually conceived? 

How about a God who loves originality and has built originality into the creation, with all the creative potential in it.  Doesn’t the universe make far more sense this way not to mention our lives this way?  This makes prayer, worship as well as meditation far more honest and genuine.  God actually listening and paying attention what a concept, this is a God I can actually have a conversation with as well as a Love relationship.